Commons Productions carries three fully equipped Grip Trucks; two for rent and one for purchase. Click on the a truck of interest for more detail and an itemized package list.

1-Ton Ford Van
Designed for documentaries and small productions. A preloaded grip and expendable package. Pay as used tungsten and electrics on board. Room for what you need. Large rooftop platform and two grip carts make this an ideal on-the-go package.
3-Ton Isuzu Truck
Designed for medium size events and productions. Pre-loaded grip/lighting carts will be on your set in minutes. Large inventory of expendables and tungsten lights pay-as-used. Room for HMI's, Kinos, Dollies, etc. Commons Productions goes green with this new clean-air diesel, meeting all ARB requirements through 2023.
5-Ton Mitsubishi Truck
Designed for larger size events and productions. Pre-loaded grip/lighting/electric carts. Large inventory of expendables and tungsten. Lot's of room for big lights, HMI's, Kinos, Dollies, custom rigging, towers,'s your production on the go.