Grip Equipment Commons Productions, Palo Alto, Northern California

See Grip Rate Card for a printable version.

Grip Equipment

Itsy bitsy baby3.00
Baby double-riser4.00
Beefy-baby triple-riser5.00
Junior combo 2-riser location6.00
Junior combo 3-riser location7.00
Low-Boy junior combo6.00
Baby Roller 2-riser stand6.00
Low-Boy junior roller7.00
Hi-Boy junior roller7.00
Hi-hi overhead rolling stand15.00
Mombo combo20.00
Matthews crank-o-vator35.00
Matthews super crank-o-vator50.00
20" C-Stand with gobo head and arm5.00
40" C-Stand with gobo head and arm6.00
Gobo head with short, medium or long arm2.50
6" C-clamp2.00
6" or 8" C-clamp w/ baby spuds4.00
6", 8" or 10" C-clamp w/ Junior receiver5.00
Cardelini baby clamp3.00
Maffer baby clamp2.00
Furniture Clamp w/ baby spud (12", 18", 24")3.00
Pipe/grid clamp baby2.00
Pipe/grid clamp junior3.00
Modern 1.25" Speedrail clamp Baby or Junior3.00
Modern 2" Speedrail camera car Baby clamp3.00
Scissor clamp/ baby1.00
Putty knife w/ baby spud2.00
6" Suction Cup with baby spud15.00
Baby Nail-on plate2.00
Junior Nail-on plate3.00
Gobo head2.00
Short, Medium or Long Arm2.00
Adjustable Stirrups 4'-8' or 5'-10'10.00
Junior-Baby spud adaptor1.00
Junior riser (3')3.00
Junior Double riser (3'-5')5.00
Baby Riser (6", 12", 18", or 24")1.50
Baby or Junior off-set arm3.00
Baby Triple-header3.00
Junior Triple-header7.00
Junior/baby sliding Triple-header4.00
Junior 45 degree offset2.00
Apple Box Full, 1/2, 1/4, or pancake2.00
Sandbag 15lb2.00
Sandbag 25lb3.00
Spring clips (#1, #2, or #3)1.00
Sound blanket2.00
Wedges & cribbing (milkcrate)4.00
Cup blocks (Set of 3)3.00
3' Fiberglass Stepladder4.00
6' Fiberglass Stepladder6.00
8' Fiberglass Stepladder8.00
10' Fiberglass Stepladder10.00
12' Fiberglass Stepladder12.00
Extension ladder (28' or 32')20.00